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Howler / Single Estate / Costa Rican


- 2 boxes of coffee sold at a time -

Howler | Single Estate | Costa Rican

Natural coffee beans are naturally dried in the sun for about 15 days like a dehydrated raisin, with flavors of fruit punch, blackberries, orange, vanilla, sweet lemon, grapefruit and chocolate, with citric acidity and silky body.


Notes | Caramel | Tropical Fruit
Roast | Light [ city + ]
Varietal | Geisha
Elevation | 1300m+
Process | Natural

Since 1908, we’ve been a family operation

Upon completion of his work, the Nicaraguan government found themselves unable to pay him, and his companion’s, salaries in full. To complete their compensation, these German immigrants were offered land in the high mountains of Matagalpa. Bruno, and many of his German colleagues, never returned home to Germany. Instead, choosing to take part in the burgeoning coffee revolution taking place in Nicaragua. Bruno’s legacy continues to live on till this day under the guidance of his great-great grandchildren.

Fincas Mierisch